The mission of Harrison High School is to provide programs that develop knowledge and skills for success and deliver these programs in a climate that fosters academic achievement and personal growth.

Superintendent's Letter to Parents on PARCC

Harrison High School PARCC Testing Schedule

April 27th - May 8th - English Version

April 27th - May 8th - Spanish Version

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Harrison High School Awarded
Governor's Distinguished Improvement Award &
2014 High School Academic Growth Award

The Colorado Department of Education celebrated the 2014 district and school performance results in an awards ceremony on December 2, 2014 at the Colorado Department of Education.

Harrison High School received The Governor's Distinguished Improvement Award. These awards are given to schools that demonstrate excellent student growth. On the school performance framework that is used by the state to evaluate schools, these schools "exceed" expectations on the indicator related to longitudinal academic growth over three years. Harrison High School also received the 2014 High School Academic Growth Award which recognizes high schools that demonstrate the highest levels of student academic growth in reading, writing and math.

We are so proud that our community has been acknowledged for their great achievements from the state of Colorado. Congratulations everyone!

CDE Awards

AP Enrollment Soars!

Next year, HHS has over 490 students enrolled in Advanced Placement classes, as compared to 197 this year! In addition, we have increased our AP offerings with the addition of three more classes (AP Chemistry, AP Spanish, and AP Studio Art) as well as increasing the number of sections within all other AP classes.  Super work HHS AP teachers and students!



In a safe, nurturing environment, Harrison High School will provide the highest quality education for our students through rigorous coursework, access to college and career options, and postsecondary-focused mentoring practices.

Harrison High School Vision, Destination 2017

  • 90% of our students will graduate from high school on time.
  • 70% of the students graduating will be considered college and career-ready by Year 2017.
  • 70% of our students will enter college, a trade school or military directly from high school.

Colorado Schools Report Card

The Colorado Report Card was generated in 2010 in an effort to inform parents about how schools are performing across the state.  As you know, Colorado is a 'choice' state; therefore many parents refer to this report when making decisions about where to send their kids to school. The information is generated from CDE's School Performance Frameworks.  We are excited to see the growth that has taken place at HHS over the past four years.

2010 - 250 out of approximately 425 schools

2011 - 196 out of approximately 425 schools

2012 - 159 out of approximately 425 schools

2013 - 59 out of 429 schools

Our grade is now a B! 

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